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Possible new punishment ideas Empty Possible new punishment ideas

Post  BillyDeanol on Sun Jan 08, 2012 3:16 am

IC abuse
Deathmatching (DM) / Revenge killing (RK) / Kill On Sight (KOS) / car ramming / car parking - 15 minutes prison
Deathmatching (DM) / Revenge killing (RK) / Kill On sight (KOS) / car ramming / car parking on-duty admin - 20 minutes prison and a /warn
Scamming over $50K - 10 minutes prison, fine of 2x amount scammed, and /warn
Scamming over $100K - /ban and fine of 2x amount scammed
OOC contract killing - Fine of 2x amount contracted
Metagaming (MG) / Powergaming (PG) - /kick
Spam (speech, /me, cellphones, ads, etc.) - /kick and /warn
Cop-baiting - /kick
Non-RP name - /nrn - If refused, jail for 10 minutes and a /warn.
General non-RP behavior (exploiting animations, faction vehicles, etc.) - 10 minutes prison
Releasing name of hitman - 40 minutes prison and 20% money fine of no less than 20K - May be deleted, so ignore this one.
Car surfing - /slap (/kick if repeated)
Avoiding IC consequences (arrest, death, etc.) (logging, tabbing, etc.) - 20 minutes prison

OOC abuse
Spam (channels /n, /report, /vip, etc.) - Muted (/kick if repeated)
Escaping from admin prison - 30 minutes prison and 10% money fine of no less than 10K
Lying to admin - 30 minutes prison and 20% money fine of no less than 20K
Abuse of /report x2 - banned from using /report and a /warn
Money-farming - money reset, bank reset, /kick (possibly have vehicles and houses taken away if purchased via money-farming)
Advertising other servers - /permban

Server abuse
Creating money/items/etc. via hacks/exploits/etc. - /permban
Knowingly taking money/items/etc. that were obtained via hacks/exploits/etc. and not immediately reporting it to admin - /permban
Selling an account that has admin privs / faction leader - /ban
Knowingly not reporting someone who is ban evading - /ban
Knowingly not reporting someone who is hacking - /ban
Disrupting or interfering with routine operation of server / ban
3rd party programs that provide an unfair advantage (health hacks, TP hacks, etc. ) - /permban

If you are banned, you must fill out an unban appeal. An admin will look at it and determine if there is a pattern of abuse; there is a chance you won't be unbanned if you continually break the rules.

The 30 Minute Rule

you lose 30 minutes of memory ( you do not remember who killed, how you were killed, or why you were killed)
you are not allowed to return to the RP for 30 minutes
you are not allowed to be called back to the RP for 30 minutes

This goes both ways. If you kill someone, the matter is considered closed and over. If you encounter that character later, all RP must be established once again.

- This could go both ways, whenever you die and go to the hospital, you get a message about the 30 minute rule.


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