Attention! This applies to everyone.

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Attention! This applies to everyone.

Post  Karla on Tue Jan 10, 2012 3:21 pm

::::There has recently been a server re-script, and unfortunately we have lost a few things in game. We are working on fixing all the screw ups as fast as we can, please stay patient and please read the following bug list and add any bugs you have found that aren't listed.::::

*All job icons are missing. Every single one.

*Interiors including, Paintball, VIP, All Hospitals are bugged and missing from the script entirely
-Upon /enter you fall from the sky
here's me in outer space Smile

*All patient delivery icons are missing, Mat pickup and dropoff icons remain

*The parachute on top star tower is gone

*LSPD interior is missing some items, including gates and lockers

*Name change point is gone from mall.

*[edit] All Lockers are missing!!

Please add to the list if you find something that's out of place, not working right, or just completely missing...
All of us at Generation X thank you for your patience.

Yours sincerely:
Karla elephant

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