San Andreas Sheriff's Department Handboodk (READ BEFORE APPLYING)

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San Andreas Sheriff's Department Handboodk (READ BEFORE APPLYING) Empty San Andreas Sheriff's Department Handboodk (READ BEFORE APPLYING)

Post  Hawkeye_Pierce on Sun Jan 08, 2012 10:35 pm

Created and Edited in coordination with the San Andreas State Law Enforcement Offices.

San Andreas Sheriff's Department Handboodk (READ BEFORE APPLYING) Sasdlogo

The San Andreas Sheriff Department is a Department under the Department of Law Enforcement in the State of San Andreas. All contents in this handbook are under law and are to be applied at all times. Any violation of this handbook can result in dismissal, demotion, or warning. If any questions or concerns about the procedures of this handbook arise, the user has full rights to contact the Department of Law Enforcement, or the S.A.S.D. Chief Hawkeye Pierce. Any procedures you wish to add into the following handbook may be sent to the S.A.S.D. Administration Coordinator Tyler Beals. Any information concerning this also needs to be handled with Commander Tyler Beals.

As an Officer of the law, this handbook establishes your rights and responsibilities to the San Andreas Sheriff Department.


Protect and serve our diverse community to the best of our ability
Treat all with candor, empathy and respect
Develop strength through partnerships and collaboration
Act with courage in the face of adversity
Treat each other with respect, courtesy and fairness
Ensure positive recognition and encouragement of all employees
Serve with honesty, loyalty and integrity
Recognize the legacy created by our actions
Respect the history and traditions of the SASD


If any officer is in need of a leave of absence it is to be discussed with the Sheriff Hawkeye Pierce.
If any Cadet is found driving any non approved vehicles without supervision they are subject to dismissal. We follow our ranking system and are working hard to keep it that way.
No codes are assigned to any of our operations unless it is pre organized.
Officers found engaging in illegal activities will be immediately subject to a board of inquiry.

To prove that you have read the rule book please put "Frank Burns eats worms" somewhere in your application.

The scope of work in the San Andreas Sheriff’s Department is immense, diverse and demanding, such as:
Investigating suspicious conditions, activities, or persons;
Investigating and checking for wanted or missing persons or property;
Participating in riot and crowd control;
Controlling and restraining potentially violent persons;
Preparing a variety of reports;
Conducting county and inner-city patrol;
Following-up on preliminary investigative reports;
Assisting in rescue activities for sick and injured persons;
Arresting or conducting arrest (HQ-Jail, Dillimore);
Preparing and submiting reports of criminal offenses.


We have several requirements which you should consider before thinking about applying at the San Andreas Sheriff’s Department.
These include:
Must be able to read, write, and speak the English language;
You need a clean criminal record;
Knowledge about the geographical area around San Andreas, especially the County;
Your application must be rich and show effort;
At least 18 years of age (at time of appointment);
United States citizen;
No felony convictions;
No unlawful use of a narcotic or dangerous drugs within the past seven (7) years;
No pattern of drug abuse;
Be of excellent character;

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