Gang Point Rules And Boundaries

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Gang Point Rules And Boundaries

Post  Shadow on Mon Jan 02, 2012 1:04 pm

Point Rules

[----------Rule #1----------]
Point wars are OOC, it is for gangs only and they can go to points and capture it to make money. In points, you (gangs) are allowed to fight without roleplay and return to the point immediately after you have died. You can start shooting at :45 before the paycheck which makes the point available for capture, you are NOT allowed to shoot before :45. When the point ends, you must stop shooting immediately. People in violation of this rule will be prisoned, gang warned and the gang can possibly receive a gang strike.

[----------Rule #2----------]
Gangs may not have alliances with another gang for point wars. If your gang is caught doing this, your gang will receive a strike.

[----------Rule #3----------]
One gang may control a maximum of THREE points on the board. Should any one gang be in control of three or more points at any one time, said gang can receive a strike. If a gang has THREE points already, they are not allowed to go to any more points unless they're defending a point they already own.

[----------Rule #4----------]
Multi-Capping, or having more than one rank 5+ attempt to capture a point at one time, is against the rules and punishable with a prison sentence for all those attempting to capture after the initial capturer, and possibly even gang strikes.

[----------Rule #5----------]
You cannot attend a point without an intention to cap. This includes attending a point with no Rank 5's online in your family.

[----------Rule #6----------]
Point wars must take place inside point boundaries, you cannot shoot anyone outside point boundaries. You are not allowed to shoot people inside the point boundaries if you are not inside it, unless you have a rifle / sniper. If someone is inside the point boundaries and runs out, you can chase him out of the point boundaries. If you know someone has a sniper near point, they can be shot. A list of point boundaries can be found here

[----------Rule #7----------]
If someone is found to be capping when you are de-sync (can't see anyone), lagging, or tabbed, you will be prisoned, gang warned and your family can possibly receive a gang strike.

[----------Rule #8----------]
Points are in Los Santos at the moment, you should not be fighting anywhere else. There is a Crack Lab and Drug House in San Fierro and they should not be used for capping.

[----------Rule #9----------]
In points, and in points ONLY, gangs are allowed to heal and vest during a gunfight. Unless it is the capper, the capper is not to be healed or vested.

[----------Rule #10----------]
During point wars, gangs are required to stay in their gang skins (what you have in /clothes). A list of gang skins are found here, if there are any changes that need to be done to this list, PM the DoGM.

[----------Rule #11----------]
Civilians (Non Gang Members) are not allowed at points. If a civilian is found to be actively participating in a point, they will be prisoned.


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